Intelligently Managed Inventory (IMI) helps liquid inventory management companies optimize their operational cost with its trip planning & inventory planning feature. IMI could work with or without sensors.


Near ROL Tanks

It maps all the nearby ROL tanks so that you can utilize full vehicle capacity while planning.

Milk Run

It helps you plan the trips as per capacity, volume, routes & orders.

Trip Planner

IMI also lets you manually plan the route and automatically deduct estimated cost & distance.

ERP linked auto PO Generation

After reviewing the existing stock situation it can create POs with pre-defined riders & approvals for the vendors.

Dispatch Planning & Execution

Manage all the pending orders of the plant & track their deliveries with the advanced system.

Transporter Web

It brings the entire transporter community on a common platform wherein they can check the orders allocated to them & align their vehicles accordingly. It further allows tracking of fleet vehicles on-the-go.


Manually plan routes for vehicles & get the expected distance to travel & cost.

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